Casino BGO: One of the Most Appealing Casinos Ever

Author: Douglas Fairy

Do you not know what activity is your cup of tea? How to get pleasure and receive money at the same time? This is the eternal question. But who said that it cannot be answered? Well, there may be a lot of answers and I will tell you mine. You can get pleasure and receive money at the same time if you start playing in online casinos. This industry is on the top of the popularity at the moment, so do not miss the chance to become the part of this popularity.

Though, everything is not that easy as it seems. As we all know, the beginning is the hardest part in all cases. In our case, this hard part is choosing a reliable virtual portal for gambling. Well, consider yourself lucky because you have me. I am going to have you as a guest of my review that needs help with picking a suitable casino for playing.

To be short, I have something to offer you. Have you ever heard about BGO casino? Well, even if you do not, I will gladly get you familiarized with this online gambling institution by providing you the slightest details on its website and the whole operating process. Are you ready to start? I am so ready!

Picking BGO: Worthy or Not?

Casino named BGO operated as Bingo operator at first, but in the year 2012 the situation has changed. In 2012, BGO has become full-fledged online casino that is not only interesting in terms of presented games, but is also reliable. Obtained license from Alderney Gambling Control Commission can guarantee reliability of BGO and ensure customers that they are safe while gambling here.

So, today, my main desire is to tell you about features that point out casino BGO among all other online casinos. I will tell you about site’s bonuses and promo offers, games, desktop & mobile site versions, VIP program, Loyalty Store, banking, security & privacy, clients help center and my general impression.

Perfect Welcome Bonuses

Do you want to receive attractive welcome bonuses? And what welcome bonuses can BGO casino offer its lovely newbies? Of course, a better part of gamblers would like to be the owner of a no deposit bonus, but, unfortunately, casino named BGO cannot please its customers with such opportunity. Though, it does not mean that the offered programs are less appealing.

So, let me tell you about the first option of welcome bonus. This offer is aimed at receiving bonus on slots. So, what do you need to receive it? Everything is too simple. You need to make your first deposit, the minimal amount of which is £10. So, in result, you will become the owner of 100% bonus and you will receive the sum of money up to £200. No codes are required.

Now I am going to start talking about the second option of welcome bonus in BGOGO. This offer is aimed at receiving bonus on live casino and table games. To make a deposit, you will be required to enter bonus code 2020 which is “LIVE”. After making a deposit and entering the code, you will get 100% bonus, the value of which is up to £200.

Now let’s talk about the third option of welcome bonus in bgonline casino. This offer is aimed at receiving free spins that can be used during gambling. To make a deposit, you will be required to enter promo code which is “50FS”. After making a deposit and entering the code, you will receive free spins the value of which can be up to 50 spins.

The question lies in next. Where can you use those free spins? I have checked the official website and found some info. Free spins can be used on a couple hit slots, such as slot “Starburst”, slot “Fian: Swirly Spin”, slot “Aloha” and slot“Wild Wild West”. Welcome bonuses are available for players from all countries, starting with Canada and ending with Australia. All you need is to read all the terms of any bonus program that you choose, sign up and login to claim bonuses.

BGO Tournaments

Oh, have you ever heard anything about casino tournaments on the Internet? If no, I would like to share some information about it with you. So, BGO is a casino that is not only a gambling place to play slots and table games. It also provides its clients with the opportunity to compete with the other gamblers. To do this, the casino helds tournaments.

I checked the site. So, what do you think I found there? At the moment, BGO casino offers 5 options of tournaments to compete in. If you win in “Breakfast Club”, you will receive 100 free spins. If you win in ”Lucky Break”, hundreds of free spins will be at your disposal. Also, there is an offer named “Daily Drop”, and if you win there, you will get £200.

If you win in “BGO Big One”, your winning will be a share of cash in the amount of £1500. The last offer of tournaments is named as “Super Sundays” (though, this option is one of the daily tournaments and cannot be stable every day; they change). If you win here, you will receive free spins.

Range of Excellent Gaming

Casino BGO has managed to provide the clients with the excellent range of gaming. All games were divided into several categories, so it could be comfortable for gamblers to navigate through the page. As you can see on the screenshot, there is a line of categories, and it consists of sections “Top”, “New”, “Casino”, “Slots”, “Live” and “Jackpots”. Here, you can play online slots, live games, poker, different types of table games and games with progressive and huge jackpots.

I would like to tell you about favorite slot machine named “Pirates’ Plenty”. Well, a lot of gamblers like pirate themes, including me. So, no wonder, that I liked it. The developers offered a variety of gameplay features in this slot machine, including several types of simple and special characters, a multi-level bonus treasure search system, additional multipliers, thematic prize rounds and other options. This section of the Pirates ’Plenty reviews prize features in this slot:

  • Treasure Reel is the sixth reel. It is activated when the route on the map is laid to the end, and does not turn off until the end of the game session at the same rate. The same symbols appear on it as in the other five columns. Accordingly, combinations made up of six elements are possible.
  • Wild Ships. When Treasure Reel is active, stacked jokers appear that can occupy entire columns. They can be with additional factors x2, x3 or x5.

So, if you are interested in the game that I am interested in, you are more than welcome to start playing it. Plus, this slot machine is available for launching on both mobile and desktop gadgets. Actually, it must be mentioned that every single software product (to talk clearly, every single game) is a hard work which was approved by the casino. You have the opportunity to try it out, so, go ahead and try everything.

Live BGO Games

When I was talking about types of games that can be played on, I was also talking about live games, but shortly. The only thing that was mentioned is the presence of such offer. But let’s go deeper. Those games are not records, remember it. All of them are played in real time and played with real croupiers. This way, it is possible to feel yourself like you are in real Vegas casino.

If to talk about types of live gaming models, we should mention genres, such as live blackjack, live baccarat and live roulette. Of course, the range does not consist of three games only. Each genre has its variations. For example, roulette variations may be quantum roulette, football roulette, European roulette and so on. You need to know that games are available on both devices, such as desktop ones and mobile ones.

Loyalty Store

The casino also offer you to visit the loyalty store page. So, what is loyalty store? This is the place where you can use diamonds that you have earned during gambling and spend it by buying some perks for yourself. For example, you can exchange diamonds on free spins, on real money or take a part in tournaments. To get more accurate info, go to official website.

Club For VIP Players

Well, it would be a crime to leave permanent and loyal customers with nothing, right? They need to be rewarded and benefits, yes? I think they are. The casino administration thinks the same way, so the workers made a decision about VIP benefits for loyal customers. Those benefits are having personal service (account manager), different rewards & bonuses that are not approved for the other part of gamblers and various gifts that can be given only to those who adore BGO and counts BGO to be a favourite gambling portal.

Payments and Money Transfers

Casino BGO has numerous payment methods that are available to its clients, including (though, not limited to) Visa PO (payment option), Mastercard PO, PayPal PO, Maestro PO, Skrill PO, Neteller PO and other amex types. Well, the thing that you should remember is that available methods can vary. That depends on where you live, whether this is New Zealand or England. Therefore, the place of your residence will reflect displayed and offered payment methods.

I checked the FAQ section and category “Depositing and Withdrawing” particularly to be more competent in this area. So, if you ask me what the minimal amount for depositing is required, I will say that £10 is the minimal amount. You can also set your personal limits on depositing. Simply take a look at the homepage, choose the section named “Account”, choose the section named “Deposit Limits” and set your own settings.

Of course, you are interested in withdrawal time that is taken for processing your request. As we know, a lot of withdrawals are being processed every day, so when you want to process your own withdrawal, you will need to wait from 1 to 5 working days. Actually, some methods guarantee instant withdrawing. For example, PayPal works this way. The other information, such as fees presence/absence, “how to withdraw funds” or other details can be observed on the site. Go there for more information.

Customer Support Section

You can never know on which step of your gambling activity you get in trouble or get appearing questions, but it does not mean that it is a bad thing. Questions must be answered, and when something interest you, it makes you search for the answer. As a result, you grow as a person.

Well, that sounds too philosophically for our topic, so let’s remind what it was all about. I mean that you do not have to feel scary if you do not know something. Otherwise, look for the answers. If to talk about our case, BGO casino staff is always at your disposal to help you with getting these answers.

So, how can you get in touch with BGO’s workers?

  • Get in Touch By Phone Number. If you have any problems or questions, you should feel free to use your mobile phone and make use of the contact number that is displayed on the casino’s site. Also, there is information about working hours. It is said that the workers are accessible 7 days a week, but there are limits on working hours. You can call from 07.30 am to 01.00 am.
  • Get in Touch By Email. If you want to contact the staff by email, you will need to fulfill required fields on the site. You will be required to put our first name and surname, email address, mention a subject, describe the problem in details, attach document (if any is appropriate) and choose a category. That is all. After all fields were fulfilled and sent, you should wait for the answer.
  • Get in Touch By Using Live Chat. Really, I advise you to leave your shyness behind and ask for help if you need it. Of course, not all people like calling by phone (I am from such group of people too), so contacting the staff through online live chat is a good alternative for people like me. Live chat is opened daily from 07.30 am to 01.00 am. Feel free to go there and get your answers.
  • Get in Touch By Using Real Letters. Well, this method cannot be considered to be the most frequently used one, but it also takes place in the listing of ways to contact BGO staff. You can write a letter yourself and send it to BGO department. The address is displayed on the site.

FAQ can be considered as one of additional methods to get the needed answers, but this is another kind of help. If four options that were described above are connected with contacting the staff, the one that we are going to talk about is connected to getting the answers on your own. FAQ section will be a great helper in this case. You can find the needed question (and, accordingly, the answer to it) among the sections:

  • “Getting Started”;
  • “Withdrawing and Depositing”;
  • “Bonuses”;
  • “ID and Verification”;
  • “Re-Opening an Account”;
  • “Live Chat Help”;
  • “Forgotten Passwords”;
  • “Rewards”;
  • “The Vault”;
  • “Loyalty Store”;
  • “Responsible Gaming”;
  • “Source of Funds Documents”.

I decided to make a screenshot on which you can clearly notice that some problem appeared on my way. So, what did I do? I used my phone and called the staff, however, I prefer writing, but back then, this method looked easier, because I needed immediate answer.

When I asked about possible reasons on why my registration fails all the time, they said that I need to choose another browser, and if it does not work this way, I need to try using VPN. Luckily, the first option worked and the other browser helped me to continue my gambling activity with BGO. Well, I was sure that the second option is not mine as the UK is permitted to play with this casino.

How Does BGO Keep You Safe?

It is too important to understand what casino can offer in terms of bonuses and gaming range, but it is even more important to understand what it can offer in terms of the ways of keeping your information safe. So, what does BGO do to protect you and make your gambling on the site secure?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that BGO was licensed and now is regulated with the help of Alderney Gambling Control Commission. When a gambling portal is licensed by such respected gambling commission, you can consider it a sign that portal is not some unreliable corporation the main aim of which is to steal your data and funds. Be sure, BGO casino is an institution that is worth your trust.

The platform wants to gain your trust which is why all information that touches privacy is transparent, visible and accessible on the official site of BGO casino. There, you can information about how your personal data is collected, with whom it is shared and how it used. And if any changes of privacy policy appear, you will be immediately notified.

Site Versions: Desktop & Mobile

In terms of using gadgets, BGO is a bingo casino. Here, you can play both types of devices. The first type lies for desktop devices, and the second type lies for mobile devices. So, if to talk about the first one, I need to mention the following. Computers and laptops are mostly used by those who like gambling with big screens and doing it from home as those devices are heavy for carrying. Though, there are no limitations. You can use them in your own way, the way that is convenient for you.

So, if to talk about the second I need to mention the following. Gadgets, such as personal laptops and personal mobile phones are suitable for all situations and all places. You can use them at home or any out-of-home place. It depends only on your wishes. For gambling on mobile device, you do not need to download any software or mobile app additionally. Your devices may have different operating systems (Android/iOs/Windows). It makes no difference. The site works well on all gadgets.

Our Conclusion on BGO Portal

If you asked my opinion, I would answer you and tell about all features that make me play there and recommend it to the other gamblers. So, why would I recommend it to you? First of all, I like the appearance, as it is calming and does not attract a lot of attention. Therefore, when you play, you are focused on the actual game and not on the background. Plus, the interface is easy and it is possible to navigate there with no problems.

Who would not like to receive three welcome bonuses? You can deposit and receive welcome bonuses on slots, live casino & table games and on free spins (those spins that can be used within one out of four slot options). Also, BGO tournaments are held here, and if you win there, you will be able to get additional rewards, money prizes and free spins.

For customer that are loyal to BGO, there are other offers, such as joining the VIP BGO club and surfing the Loyalty Store where you can exchange eared diamonds and receive money or free spins, for example. The casino wants to protect customers not less than it wants to provide them with excellent gaming and bonuses, and providing reliable banking is one of taken security measures.

In case if you need support, help or/and answers, you can either get in touch with BGO’s staff or get the answers by yourself (FAQ section is at your disposal 24/7). If to get back to getting in touch with the staff, we can point out 4 ways to do it: phone call, email, live chat, real letter sending.

  • Welcome Offers – 9.7/10
  • Range of Gaming – 9.1/10
  • Security Level – 9.4/10
  • Casino Support Service – 9.8/10

My general impression is good, and I feel like this casino can become your favorite too. My rate is 9.5/10. So, you are welcome to experience BGO gambling, and I wish you luck and safe gambling. Create an account of yours, sign in, play with mind and everything will be fine. On this note, my review is going to be ended. So, this is the time to say goodbye. Thank you for reading review.