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Author: Douglas Fairy


Play Amo casino is few in its harmony of the RPG appearance to the play business, its awe-inspiring and complicated construction, and good-considering-away functionality. The academy is admired close to participant from each above the planet: its attending per period is various k humans from Collection, the CIS, US and the Far-away Eastbound.

But is it safety to phone this academy equitable? Or is Play Amo casino a bunco that skillfully conceals ass beauteous representation and unwarranted vows? We desire cautiously investigate all things and generate our finding.

Casino platform

Play Amo casino is owned close to 2 partners at one time: in the CIS it is managed close to Damacio Trading Ltd., in each additional nation the academy is contained close to Dark lace Ltd. Both suppliers are certified in Country, on the other hand licensing captivated position in Curaçao (not the nearly true control).

The program is hybridization app (that is, modified to whatever applications) and is formally analyzed multi-program. Nevertheless, in the online appearance, when you try to modify the closure, you desire run into the actuality that any of the size on the sometimes desire just be clipped. Technological mistake buoy furthermore be attributed to the minimal chapter payload rush and throwing to the house chapter when seeking to spread any of them

As representing the functionality, it is up to acceptable. Play Amo casino has 9 kinds of acceptances machine-accessible, and the speech package of the academy includes 14 conglomerations. The option of deposition / backdown way is furthermore absolutely big.

At the equivalent age, the servicing is determined close to a big level of devotion to participant from dissimilar area: in actuality, just 20 sectors are disallowed, which is not even representing an online club.

Summarizing, we buoy add that the cause yet has exercise to achieve.

Online casino version

The construction of the Play Amo casino website has freshly endured substitution. And, in our conclusion, representing the greater: from an anonymous bluing-grayness picture, he sour into a promising and never-to-be-forgotten program with his have character (which is just value sketch distinct abilities).

The resourcefulness is shared into 3 primary components: Casino, Living and Athletics. In this analysis, we desire not concern the gambler focus and speak just almost the casino in each its aspect.

The free game carte document of the academy includes a great fix of pastimes: usual slit (slit instruments), curve, card, cards, card, beano, graze, lotto, living, etc. – a complete of many than 1,600 names from 29 developers.

The group is shared into classification: Peak (public), Modern, Fissure, Living Businessmen (duplicates the equivalent label in the peak aliment), Pots, Recording Salamander, Ducky (favorites) and Additional. In extension, representing the comfort of piloting, an explore pipeline has been connected, and when you appropriate a particular classification, a fix of dribbles seems: close to producer and sizing of win. You buoy frolic Play Amo casino in present mean (representing for free) and representing cash (later body and deposition to your accounting).

The bottommost role (footnote) of the resourcefulness includes a record of sharer, expenditure utility, people rights assemblies. And furthermore, tie to support (club procedure) are granted. Nevertheless, thither is no comprehensive data almost the corporation and certify ciphers, which already situate in a definite condition.

Mobile version

The casino has an offline use representing downloading to a smartphone / tab / iPad. It is available just when you spread the Play Amo casino site from a mobile app mechanism. In collect similar the Frolic Marketplace and App Storehouse this servicing is not.

APK tip the scales at from 6 to 15 Mb calculating on the impelling process (Automaton, iOS, Windowpanes) and then rapidly downloads and initiate. Whether your call is not full with additional utilization, so Play Amo casino Mobile desire not concern the execution and answer rush.

The mobile food is commodious: it is systematic and place into a common record, distinct from the application arm. Whether you already get an accounting, you require to exponent in exploitation your username and word so that you are not suspected of composing parallel gives.

The lifetime column representing this appearance is 18+, as in the PERSONAL COMPUTER variant.

But the mobile modifying of the online resourcefulness leave-takings even to be desirable. The format is not worked away to the change: the size is “cropped” when ever-changing the prolongation and placement of the wall, thither are mistake and “freezes” (all the more non-gamey sheet occasionally dilutes tardily). The just positive is the facility to frolic on the move ahead, on the other hand hither the offline use gains, as it admits you to link to the servicing in the deficiency of the Net.

Downloadable Version

There is no installing representing PERSONAL COMPUTER at the academy This is a superannuated appearance, which, nevertheless, carry the day in equivalence with each the others in 2 parameters:

  • Image standard (the procurator is unbent onto a pc that propose many places to adjust “heavier”, many enlarge arts).
  • Security (you come in your information not on an online net, notwithstanding a protected single, and not on a mobile app mechanism that various utilization get accession to).

However, most each new gaming rostra get lost it in prefer of a mobile that is not bound to single corporal location.

Live casino

The Play Amo casino living circuit includes 21 occasions, presented principally close to the Development Play apartment: curve (containing Slavic and disappearance curve, which is many practical in arrears to shot from various cameras situated at dissimilar aims in the hallway), salamander (Sea, Mastery them), blackmail and Shove of Luck. Look at the slots here! You will never find the same slots at any other casino!

The demonstrate mean is not backed hither, nevertheless, you buoy looking at the gameplay, judge you have fortunes of prepossessing.

The person has various choice: control tone, playback (halt, immortalize and save recording relay), opinion the activity executed close to the croupier and adventurers, annex a tabularize to the record of dynamic ones (to create it easier to go between various).

If you get issues, you buoy apply the greatly specified LIST segment (representing everyone sort of free game it is dissimilar) or link the monger in an online confabulation.

The cause facilitates with 29 code developers, nearly of which are recognized cosmopolitan: Microgaming, NetEnt, Play tech, etc. Nevertheless, thither are furthermore modern tags on the record of sharer – much as Top Trend, Sky wind and Kalimba Pastimes.

The corporation extends to modernize in this focus and extend the record of attached apartments.

Personal Area

Registration at Play Amo casino ( returns position in 2 level:

  • Input of primary information (e-cataphract, login, countersign, discover, time of parentage, mobile), currency survival and ratification close to clicking on the connection in the net mail accepted. At this level, you buoy furthermore control your visibility over societal nets: LinkedIn, Trill, Facebook.
  • Filling away the net use formation (destination of certain territory with a pizzazz enactment, concur / turn-down to admit largesse propose).

If all things went good, you move to your individual accounting, which is shared into 3 flap: Visibility (it includes each the individual data you entered, a deliberate page, a windowpane representing transmitting corroborative chronicle, background representing presentments and investment), Promotion (offered, amassed and repossessed rewards , as good as the pick to come in the Play Amo casino promotional enactment) and Banker (replacement, backdown utility and the story of each deal: set, superintendence load, win).

All crucial accounting data (actual deliberate, presentments, login) endures in the peak nourishment of the website, all the more whether you move ahead to the play entry. You buoy achieve this close to clicking on the logotype. To come back to your individual accounting, dawn on the visibility discover.

Bonus Policy

The Play Amo casino largesse program is extremely various. With the elision of the no deposition largesse, which most each bus refused, in arrears to its release-forming and the danger of fraudulence, it has most all things: a big freshman package, fixture competitions and encouragements, a dependability program reinforced on a funded base. Here you can get bonus codes. Bonus codes are written at the site. Get your own bonus code to play and win.

We view everyone point singly.

Deposit Bonuses

Play Amo casino presents fillips representing the basic 5 leaves to everyone person who has renewed their accounting close to at littlest 20 euros:

  • First deposition largesse from €500: 100% (up to €2000) + 200 (20 * 10 dates) for free spins with a deposition of €20 + coupons.
  • First deposition largesse from €50: 150% (up to €300) + 200 (20 * 10 dates) for free spins with a deposition of €20.
  • First deposition largesse from €20: 200% (up to €50) + 200 (20 * 10 dates) for free spins with a deposition of €20.
  • Second deposition largesse: 100% (up to €300).
  • Third deposition largesse: 50% (up to €400) + promo codes.
  • Bonus on the one-quarter deposition: 50% (up to €500) + promo codes.
  • Fifth Deposition Largesse: 25% (up to €750) + promo codes.
  • Wager in each casing: x25. Extreme payout: deposition x10.


The casino servers’ hebdomadal competitions with unassuming trophy mere: up to €1000. As good as monthly struggle in which the measure of wins reaches out hold out €1.71 trillion. The kitty is the amount of the hazards of each sharer and is shared between the basic 30 location of the event tabularize in arithmetical circuit, coming (that is, the decrease the spot in the senior, the decrease the measure). Also, you can get no deposit bonus here. No deposit bonus is given at the beginning of the play. Get no deposit bonus and enjoy!

Player club / Devotion Program

The primary mission of the sharers of the Play Amo casino trueness program is to get statuses when amassing largesse aims (comprehensive aims, revealing CP), which are granted representing risks on hollow, in cards / tv card and twenty-one. Change degree: €100 = 1 location.

There are 6 statuses in complete:

  • Proselyte (up to 10 aims),
  • Regular (10-49 CP),
  • Silver (50-499 CP),
  • Gold (500-4999 CP),
  • Platinum (5000-24999 CP),
  • Dark Gallant above 25,000 CP).

Among additional item, thither are person consummations (representing instance, success 500 rounds in a specific notch). They spread extra adorations, as in RPG pastimes. The participant buoy be helped in growing characteristic (characteristic) that are purchased in the storehouse (segment of your individual accounting) representing currency.

Deposit and backdown of funds

You buoy create a deposition at Play Amo casino with VISA / MasterCard deposit playing-card, electronic pocketbook – worldwide and essential in a specific nation (representing instance, Yandex Cash), SMS-expenditure, electronic organizations and all the more bitcoin utility.

At the equivalent age, each committals and tariffs on the role of these organizations are borne close to the person, so in the change, the deliberate ballplayer not be the measure that was debited from your information.

There are slight less choice representing discontinuing supplies, which makes troublesomeness. In fact, according to the regulation explicit in the Play Amo casino Person Treaty, places and valuations have to be prepared close to the equivalent approach (whether it is hopeless to follow with this demand, the supplier desire figures the alternate on it have).

The academy activities 5 kinds of currency. Whether no one of them is “in use” in the nation of habitation / body of the adventurer, transition is potential (the commissioning, of line, desire be paying close to the contestant).

Withdrawal complaints

There are virtually no surveys on the net almost Play Amo casino. And those that are suspiciously analogous in expressions and keenness to fancied ones. Then, we desire not provoke to justice the honor of the academy and add that thither is no evaluation of it.

However, representing any cause, thither are no rejection animadversion on abroad websites and forums.

Casino certify and regulator

Licensed support is a casino fragility. According to the account of the cause, he accepted leave to hold away gaming action in the say of Curaçao, and the exchange-certify Original Certify Pomodoro N.V. helps as ratification.

However, on no one of the method we could obtain basis of this. Granted that the website has survived because 2012 to 2020, this makes issues.

Casino Complaints

There is no estimation concerning additional matters. Animadversion almost Play Amo casino are so affirmative that you start to dubiety their straightforwardness. Then, we buoy just cautiously supervise the substitution entrancing position in the net and well timed modernize this analysis.

Where to plain almost the casino

If you wish to document an ill almost an academy, you desire basic get to link technological aid. To achieve this, you buoy apply e-packages or an online physician (he effort with the “live” mean just from 10 to 23 minutes on CET, and the remainder of the age rotates, in actuality, into a feedback formation).

First, your executive desire mechanism your use, who desire investigate each the conditions of the example and create a choice. Whether the result does not fit you, the interrogate desire get a take position and desire be redirected to the drumhead of the part. His choice desire be the net spot of the corporation.

The common designation representing treatment grievances at the academy buoy achieve various hebdomads, so it causes no impression to first this process with nipper matters.

The provider’s choice is not net. You furthermore get the equitable to link the control (possibly in this example it desire be doubtful to achieve this, because thither is no certify ratification) or a 3rd-congregation establishment: eCOGRA, ADR, etc.

In whatever example, earlier turn a difficulty, we advise that you make familiar yourself with the procedure of the club to create confident that your preconditions achieve not deny their state.

Casino Support

There is not various distance to link Play Amo casino aid: aloof e-letter and an online physician. Furthermore, the hindmost, as we mentioned in the former segment of the analysis, effort just at definite age intervals – at additional minutes it’s aloof a link formation in which you show your net mail destination (the result arrives on it the following period).

You can use live chat which works perfectly from England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

To move up-to-period data on simple issues, you buoy apply Designation and State, because thither is no common LIST segment in Play Amo casino – it is available just inside a particular gamey.

Designation of use

Terms and State – A person treaty that includes each the regulation representing exploitation casino method and presents elucidation of unsettled matters originating between the participant and the superintendence of the academy. The bulge of troubles with payouts and profits develop in arrears to the actuality that adventurers achieve not recognize the regulation of this papers good.

That’s reason, earlier turn the gamey, we advise that you survey it. To help your mission, we get chosen the nearly significant, in our conclusion, aims.

The cause billets that all the more in the want of an interdict on the competitor possibility an accounting from the casino, in definite nation / area crook li representing play ballplayer enforce. The casino is not a lawful establishment and then is not compelled to publicize the guest on these matters. Each potential amercements and additional punishment drop totally on the accounting bearer. And whether the corporation had to find price caused close to much breach, it desires hold them from the person.

Play Amo casino is a frank casino?

Play Amo casino prepared a merged theory. On the single menus, the casino does not get ratification of the dynamic position of permit, and the Person Treaty is organic in much a method that the corporation does not bear whatever releases in the case of squawk from consumers.

On the additional menus, the developer washed-out a plenty of age excavation on the construction, the largesse program, and creating corporations. And with the exclusion of definite mistake (plan mistake, troubles with payload sheet), the resourcefulness contemplate absolutely firm. You won’t disburse so even creation on an overproduction that you program to apply just representing the aim of dirty

We however think that Play Amo casino is not a bunco, on the other hand a pretty gross propose that requires to be reviewed close to administration.


The academy, in our idiosyncratic conclusion, merits 7 aims away of 10 representing an captivating conception, aid representing electronic currency, an captivating fix of propose and an attempt to applicable the wants of participant from each above the planet.

Is it potential to achievement at Play Amo casino, endures an examination that just you desire result? Later each, everybody has an affirmative effect, on the other hand the cause does not release authorized data on RTP.